Saturday, September 5, 2009

The trouble with faces is that the expressions can change

A waste of time.
Frozen faces, holding the same expression. There are many kinds of expressions, some of which can be actions.

Some reactions can be bad. Some are played out with the utmost care and set forth a demeanor best befitting an uncomfortable situation.


Expression and reaction are specifically outlined to prevent me from creating a scene.

And the tables turn...I lightly reacted anything else simply wouldn't do for such as I.


  1. I love that photo. I want to jump right off the end of that bridge. :S

  2. Civilization. Society. Rules of engagement. There is something in me that desires to shatter the molds and laws crafted and carefully penned for us. Lame.

    When you tell me you are doing well, i shall shout with joy and run to the top of the nearest hill and dance with face upturned.

    When you stab my heart I shall give my sweetest smile, most sincere hug, and, "I love who you are."