Saturday, August 29, 2009


The liquid begins to bubble and fills her oversized eyes. Waves take over the overwhelming openings as she shakes her head. Tension takes over. The muscles quiver under her thin pink cotton sleeves. Her hands open. As the hands take hold of the prize, her actions become calculated. A lie roosts at the bottom of the object in hand. A sound as shrill and steady as a boiling tea kettle escapes her throat. Clumsily and with an unnatural quickness, she drops it. The means of absolute , completed, absorbtion shatter. They are miniscule pieces on the floor.

Angel, Angel,
They do not understand the urgency of life.

For various reasons, the source of her fire wasn't discovered. After the sifting through the evidence, the motive wasn't clear.

Goodbye house, forever.
For what it's worth, whatever happens, I love you.

A faction.

And I'm nauceous now, and we all follow the rules, and we all secretly follow our own hearts and we all secretly hurt. Dragging our dusty feet across shiny cleaned up floor, the colors around the room turn dull. We have something to show, but it would be shameful, so we never do. I desire to emulate the parted roots at the bottom of a precious tree. The tedious movements of time encroach upon the crowd without warning. Circumstances deviate and become at odds with the customary.

We answer with stagnation, and we're wrong. The glistening pathways on her cheeks thicken. I dare to open my mouth "Your icicles are like mirrors. They have blended with the fibers of your hair. I can tell by the elevated skin on your arms that you must be a little cold."

The answer is a kind of hibernation underground.
And I miss it there.

new people, repeated pains, I vowed to never be in those circumstances again. I did so because I had no idea I would have to confront them again. But, it stares me in the face, and it doesn't occur to anyone that it would be distatseful to me. And the focus remains. And that oval face causes a tear in my frame of mind. And it could be prevented, but then I would be out four chambers of a thing that I really do need.
"You seem to know a lot about me, it's funny, but I don't recall giving you my name. I don't remember divulging any of the information about me which your foreign mouth has just spilled out. I didn't sell it, even through the bad patches, those things about me never came out."


  1. Every time I read your blog I feel like I'm dreaming. Your words always float...:)

  2. In my cave its warm, safe, wet, and dark. True they speak of beauty and light and a better place. But its safe here. Who knows what dangers await on the surface. What will i look like in the exposing light of day? I will be ugly. Best stay here. Safe.

  3. Oh, you know I can't stand bright lights... why do I always prefer to sit in the shade?
    You tell me I want beauty...I would like it defined... before I make agreements of any kind. Could you do that? Define beauty.

  4. It is difficult to answer your question with the constraints of language. Beauty is truth in its purist and brightest state. Beauty is love that eclipses all selfishness. Beauty is the absence of deception and falseness. Beauty is a little girl who awakens to the sunrise with joy in her heart, hands raised to catch the golden rays and a song of praise on her lips.