Friday, September 11, 2009

For every poison this is an antidote

These songs are everything you wanted to know about me.
I fill my fanciful little head of straw with selections such as these.
I would like to continue my dancing on air and my floating in the shining star clusters within the cosmos. There is no such thing as time. Listen up these are important, they speak volumes about me... good and bad, but mostly bad. It is vital that the music is actually listened to.

Heart and Lungs

From our lives
the land disappears
all that is left is a heart made of tears
from her smile the golden tooth is worn
child your only hope has flown
hold on to this house
all I have left is the only place I've been

it's all heart and lungs
it's not that much fun
it's hard, hard to run
it's not that much fun

Following the heart, smoking substances which fill the lungs are...
Trust me ...('Cause I truly do know,)

Not that much fun. Not that much fun.

The above song went perfectly with small blue shining globes of abandonment which glistened in the moonlight, held within my cupped hand. Foolishness.

Love you all the time
Even though you’re not mine
Love you all the time
Dream I’m in the saltwater

Timing’s gone all bad
Broken faith and a broken way
You couldn’t lose me if you tried
Cause I'll be sleeping by your side, baby

Love you all the time
Even though you’re not mine
Love you all the time
Broken faith and a broken way
I don't feel that commentary is essential for this particular tune.

The beginning of the end,
But the harvest, was my friend.
The nature of that place, sends a sweet smell, around my head.
Oh well. The hardest thing of all,
The heartbreak of our loss. Heartaches all the time.
We were cast out, of everywhere, but not the last time;
The last time I remember, the last time I remember, It was ...
How I want you to know,
How far west I would go.
Hand in hand they’re in love, our loyal days in the snow.
All my toys are dead-Unravelled at the stairs.
Opened but who cares?

This song is named after a place I can't seem to escape.


  1. JB- My lovely little JB.... you missed the point. Did you listen to the songs, or were you playing Lily Allen in the backround instead?
    Tsk tsk tsk, what am I to do with you?