Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What is left to come?

Hate her, hate her, depsise her. It will make things easier, if she is unloveable.
The tables are rumbling, yes, she is also stumbling, (the world you've built is crumbling[I go down with my ship].) It comes as no surprise. He said she was his friend. She spoke into his eyes "Would you take me somewhere I've never been." He said "I'll take you anywhere as long as you say please, please, please."
"Kiss, kiss on my lips."

They're moving fast. Time cannot be wasted... I recall the statement "I don't believe in the madmade concept of time." Everything changes, fast.

A rush.

The people here (who knows who they are) they're jumping here and there in my head. It is all perfectly contained, we're are all jumping, jumping through hoops. Second rush, Ooh is it my turn? The jumping halts...and a fuzzy screen takes over my head. And I know I need to walk, but there is this foam on the back sides of my mouth, and I can't move until it comes out. "Kiss, kiss, kiss, her lips."


Am I the only one?

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