Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I made a friend
Left out to dry
Dresses and let out seams
Keep my word for you
"Say it, say it again."

And the bruises beg to differ

Heavy feet with sores on the sides... burn. They are heading one after the other rapidly down the hill on their own.
Pitter patter pitter patter.
One two one two.
And I fall flat on my face, and my doves pick me up and carry me off to a nest made of newspapers, and burnt papers the size of a stick of gum.
"Parliments have an indented filter for a reason."

I am drawn to the brier patch, no one ever bled to death from a few knicks here and there. Are these the lessons I am to learn?
This is not me, I'd never lose control.

A case of tennis elbow, a bruise on her hip, streaks on her leg, a tree burn on her arm, these signs are to let the poeple know their queen is weak. Her Highness has fallen from the balcony. Under shining mediterranean skies, she coasts along on the back of a swan, and now she lays on Kythira, in the Ionian Sea. "Everyday becomes a little easier, soon enough you'll have the strength to paste on that so-called smile."
I like it, I'm not gonna cry, but only because I already look like death. "Hello, so glad you made the trip out here with me, allow me to escort you to my newest palace, but whatever you do, don't look in that room, it's where I keep the memories of all I've lost."

Oh no...I forget...I've forgotten...I forgot again.

And I'm here cause I didn't have any desire to leave earlier. Must go and be out of the way. The way...which...where is that? I am inept...explain. Plainly. All in all the colors are dull. they are bleeding and blending together, forming a maladjusted gray. Fived colored pictures all in a row.

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