Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Madame Guillotine

I'm left standing in the cords.
Stabbing in vain, shards of glass in uneven terrain.
Bleeding to no end, and they tangle.
There are no rewards, it's meaningless words.

She's scared cause I want it all.
Green scenes covering the walls.
Ivory filters, diffused photographs.
Ivy lingers, confused sound, you laugh?

As my palms grew redder...it hurt extra bad, it hurt really bad for you.
I wish I could say something that I didn't think before.
Ah regression. Ah aggression.
Sought out misrepresented second opinions.

And I've been asked before...
And maybe I am on the brink of mental illness...because I never learned to distinguish my thoughts from reality and I have been trained to believe that my thoughts aren't real. Maybe everyone else is crazy? Could it be? Please let it be...please? I said the magic word!

And I am displeased that there are so many judges- no choice but to plead insanity.

I'd prefer to set up a noose on my own, if I am so inclined, but I appreciated having it placed upon my neck. (Princesses hate physical exertion.)

It makes me smile, that it's hard to find, something that isn't there. It's hard to breathe, hard to see through these protruding eyelids. If a camel can see past it's eyelashes, or pass through the eye of a needle, maybe I can see through swollen skin.

I'll see them all there, behind the sun. We'll laugh about it one day. In the future when all's well, after the cords are chewed a while.

I wait for the kingdom to be returned to me...I admit I ate cake, I danced at a masquerade, but it wasn't anarchy, nor a demi-brigade.

Drown me in the Seine, before I contribute to the Republic.

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