Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Remember When...

I used to value sadness. I built it an altar in the highest point of my mind.

"Wasting your unhappiness to focus on putting on the show.

You won't want to remember how it feels to let go."

Restless limbs lying thickly covered, turn and twist, and they can't be still.

The eyes flash open, taking notice of the moving parts.

The assembly of body parts are aware of newly fashioned anxieties....And the thoughts in the head don't know where to go.

The form has an ache and a sour stomach.

But, besides being filled with these three's, well, empty.

"Like the spare change we deny a beggar, not because we're stingy or mean-hearted, but because we don't feel like unbuttoning our coat." -F.Pessoa

"There's an awful lot of inactive kindness which is nothing but laziness, not wanting any trouble, confusion, or effort." - John Steinbeck

"Like stars in the night sky, we shine"..... I'd rather burn out than fade away

I have a great great great aunt named Fallen Star (Maybe we'll have a little history lesson soon[I'm royalty, really].)

Someone can cut me down now.

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  1. when i saw the commercial i wanted to watch it, because i rememberd it from somewhere, and i now i know where! there's a book.
    xoxo taylor