Sunday, October 11, 2009

The River's Edge

I have already waited too long.

Highlighting a "headlong rush towards doom"

I need a piece to do it.

I need only to make it through it.

I hear a heartbeat, and it isn't mine. But the rythmn makes my fingers shine.

Today is the same as yesterday, a never ending succession of saying goodbye.

It looks and sounds a little bad, but I can't even think of anything clever to say.

So I'll say that the night has grown longer, as the day has darker.

Everything I always wanted.

One last time.

All the things I thought I had

I didn't

I am tired of the sound of my own voice

Combined and brewed

Young girl, one day you will be old

A boy is stabbed and his money is grabbed.

The air is hangs heavy like a dulling wine

Though I walked home alone,

My faith in love is still devout

Then someone falls in love

Someones beaten up

The senses being dulled are mine

This is last night for this pair

She said how quickly would I die if I jumped from the top of the chute?

Scratch my name on your arm with a fountain pen

Aligned this way, and that way

You, if you found me by your side

Not this time

Whenever I'm alone with you

I feel like I am home again

I feel I am whole again


Not this time

However fay away,

However long I stay, whatever words I say, - ---- ------ ---- --- ----

I looked behind and I shrieked

I am afraid of my shadow

I miss it so

I was right, you were wrong

I cannot say

Walk on

With hope in your heat, and you'll never walk alone.

Gone through the rain.

Though your dreams be trite and old.

Walk on with hope in out-stretched hands.

What a pretty, lovely, ground upon which to walk.

Rattling pieces....never a whole picure, only fragments... What a pretty sight. Only let in a little.

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