Monday, October 19, 2009

My Dystopia

Public Representation and Advertising

The cycle continues, ruthlessly preying on mankind's escapist tendencies and seizing upon several deep-seated self-destructive impulses.

It's a perfect, wholesome snack for any time of the day," the voice eagerly announces, while the image of a young child—himself a physical representation of purity—tempts viewers with the prospect of recapturing their long-lost sense of innocence. "Fig Newtons are ooey-gooey great!"
"Go on, you deserve it!" the psychologically manipulative onslaught persists, at once addressing, encouraging, and currying feelings of inferiority and self-doubt that are a mainstay of the human condition.

The victim, who is reflexively averse to change, is governed by prejudice and assumption, blindly trusts authority, believes in retribution, desires reassurance, is guilty of envy, lies to avoid hurtful truths, and suffers from separation and alienation anxiety, declares "Now I have to go buy some!"

Do you find me to be strange?

Come along, let us continue, I'll guide you.

It is blatantly obvious someone has become a bit self-indulgent.

Pausing for an applause that never comes.


  1. I love Fig Newtons.
    ...sorry I dwell on the most random aspects of your blog posts.

  2. Applause for a beautifully constructed periodic sentence!

    Concern about someone overdosing on fig newtons!

  3. Obvious-self-indulgence crowds the voice of reason.

    And I agree with Jennifer. I love fig newtons too.