Monday, October 12, 2009

Kittens are cute, but a full grown cat can be cuter

There is a such a thing in life as the slowest of time, and that's where I live, that's where this song comes from.

In the days when I was hopelessly bored, I discussed it more.

Stuck like tissues to a paper mache doll.

I had a funny feeling.

My veins were as coarse as sand.

My body was still.

This was in opposition to my head which spun, drifted, and shook.

The glowing energy was constantly, smoothly, flowing.

Hold still, I told you!

But you moved.

I can't find you.

It should be apparent that I disapprove of verse/chorus/verse.


  1. I like kitties and adult cats and old cats. I was I wasn't allergic. :(

  2. And apparently I can't write. I was should be I wish. :P