Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kerrie the Firefly


Butterfly- inside
Damselfly- outside
Firefly- outside

I am humming the only words I know.
Mumbling a chorus line and hoping that listeners only hear the tune.
The words evade me.
Sparks hover above the ground, they float to the vegetation, occasionally they rest there for a time.


It is just a passing.
Little flickers resembling a human smile.
They bounce from petal to stem.
"I wish I were a snail. I could slowly burrow under the surface and study the roots."
says the Firefly.

There are not many insects which bother me with their presence.

The firefly turns the light on and off. It appears to sparkle.


  1. "Hell has three gates: lust, anger, and greed."
    -Bhagavad Gita

    A Hindu scholar (your brother) helped me pick out that quote.

    Butterfly (beauty); damselfly (predator); firefly (beetle, symbol of greed).

    It took me a while...but did I crack the code? ;)

  2. Jenny B : I can't have you figuring out my posts.
    I frequently find obscure references and symbols and use them.
    Don't unlock too many doors.

  3. Sorry...I can't even use English major as an excuse because I wasn't. I just find poetry fascinating to unravel. :)
    And, um, I thought you just had a bug fetish or something...that was the code I cracked. Hehe!

  4. I just received a rather lengthy nerd chill. Don't downplay your intelligence. You figured it out because you get me.(That's a part of why we're friends.)

    I am sitting in your apartment. Air-drying hair...nice excuse...and I wait. I want everyone who reads my blog comments to know that Jenny is brushing her teeth with her fancy pink electric toothbrush.

  5. You commented on my blog at 9:15 actual time...? You should have been leaving to pick me up at that time. You're lucky I don't care, don't feel guilty, that wasn't my aim. I enjoy calling you out on these things...that's all.