Sunday, June 21, 2009

Goodbye Ink and Paper Trente Deux

Moving all the time, even though it doesn't help for long.
I still can't move fast enough.
It's right there, I'll head that way.

The rain pours all over me.
Cleansing away my rocky night.
It's early in the morning, the sky turned over colors twenty minutes ago, from black to fuzzy pink and then on to it's current shade of bright yellow.
The yellow is on one side of the sky.
On another side there are dove gray clouds sprinkling a moisture which calms me.

There's nothing shinier in the world, a glimmering prism lies to the west.
I wildly chase it.
I am laughing and skipping and I don't care who sees me.
I notice an elderly gentleman looking out his garage, deciding whether or not his morning paper is worth being drenched in the cool droplets for.
I think so.
The end of the rainbow evades me.
It's so very close.
I know for certain what Power brought it close to my house, knowing I would see it.
How thoughtful, I am not surprised.
I had been writing, and drinking Ceylon tea, looking out my window, minding my own silly business when it caught my eye.

I keep chasing it.
I tried too hard.
I am happy and grateful that it exists at all.
I lie in the moist grasses in the park by my house, in my morning clothes.
The scents all around me are soothing; rainy air, honeysuckle, and grass are a lovely combination.

If only I had my tea here.
Next time I'll take a thermos, if I am given the chance.


  1. I love rainbows. Now after reading this, I want to go hopping in a field to have a picnic, rather than sit here at work, bored. :(