Thursday, June 11, 2009

Goodbye Ink and Paper Trente

I like Spring. I like the powerful presence of a thunderstorm whipping away at foliage outside my window under a swirling lapis sky. The winds give a marvelous texture to the clouds. They sit against the heavens in such a way that it calls to mind the impasto technique of a Jane Frank painting... wait... no comparison. Nature trumps Jane Frank...anyday.

I felt like dancing. I could have danced the whole night away... I half wished a funnel cloud would come along and take me off to the Emerald City, but I remembered that I wasn't dressed properly for that.
I know it's out of the blue, but I am reading Maupassant at the moment and I thought that it had some relevance :
'I always wanted to know what it was like to be wicked and actually ... it turns out to be not at all that much fun' - Collected stories of Guy De Maupassant

This isn't the clearest picture in the world, but we had a tea party a while back

I picked out the flowers...

I like violets, I brought some of those to my aunt's house. I prefer gardenias to any other flower, so I brought even more of those.

I highly recommend throwing a tea party. There must be fresh flowers, perfectly steeped tea, fairy sized foods, and a dress code that makes florals mandatory.

That's not the half of it. The guests should have a bright smile inside and out. The hostess should have the brightest smile of all. Most importantly, Everyone assembled should be prepared for lot's of talking about every subject under the sun.

As much as "I like Fall" I also like Spring and Summer... this is an addition to my spring/summer soundtrack

Beach House : Devotion

It's a lovely little album... use it wisely. I have been listening to it a tad too much. I do this whenever I find something new and shiny. It is playing as I write this ... I take things too far.
It is mellow and chill. My only qualm is the lack of acoustic.

All I want to believe
Is that I am better
Round and round
All I wanted to see
Is myself, better
round and round
And you helped me
So thank you
I am lovelier
All the better
^ Beach House - Lovelier Girl


  1. You had a tea party without me?!

    Still haven't listened to the Beach House yet. Rian keeps forgetting to make me a copy. And I keep forgetting to remind him...

  2. A most agreeable post. You have good taste in life, music, and seasons.

    I do wonder, are tea parties exclusively a female activity? Shall the sexist cry be raised? It sounds lovely, but florals? Sounds to me like a segregation scheme. ;)