Thursday, May 7, 2009

Goodbye Ink and Paper Vingt Trois

A myriad of complications :
An exposure past the inlaid claims
Seizing what was initially rejected
Unsanctioned inheritances
Discredit witty repartee
Maybe in the next world
Privation or windfall?
I know it's the latter
It was all my own accident
That was how it began
I'm sorry doesn't matter
Dolorous moments were the only ones left.
Escalating emotion
The uncertainty is what is crushing me
Whatever happened, I am contrite, but I'll never be sure why
Exigent answers
If not now when? Never
How soon is now? Too soon
It's an impossibility. Is it?
Generating misconceptions
Cause and effect
January is a time best put out of mind
Is that what it was? My view may be askew

I wanted to write you a letter, but there isn't enough paper in the world for it. If there were, I could fasten it to a balloon, and hope that the wind headed in the right direction. If I were older, I'm sure I would know better than to trust the course of the wind with such an important task. I'll be so happy to grow older, to move away from these younger dreams.

I am not done with this cryptic posting phase...
Next time I will set out to write something that can be clearly defined. It will be so easily defined that you can size it up and label it. We'll just have to wait and see.
No promises...

This is all very trivial but true, more thoughts...
No one has any idea what anyone else is feeling, their motives for ...anything, or the effects that their behavior has on others. This lack of responsibility, this careless inability to put themselves in the position of others is very damaging, not only to myself, but to society as a whole. When I look at things of this nature from an outsiders perspective I find myself in the right. Everyone is at fault. Naturally, I exclude myself.

Accept Yourself.
Every day you must say
So, how do I feel about my life ?
Dreams have a knack of just not coming true.
Others conquered life - but I ran
I sat in my room and I drew up a plan
But plans can fall through (as so often they do)
Accept yourself
But I once had a dream (and it never came true)
And time is against me now...

Now for something happy (relatively) :
There was no monday.

Don't take your life tonight
I know they take
And that they take in turn
And they give you nothing real
For yourself in return
I will be here, believe me
believe me?

when they've used you
And they have broken you
And cast your shell aside
I will stay right here

Angel, don't take your life
Some people have no pride
They do not understand
The Urgency of life
But I love you more than life
Wednesday is a day better left behind.

Did you really think I meant all of the syrupy, sentimental things I said the other day?
It's not Tuesday anymore.
Every motion was planned out specifically for viewing.
I adjust my reclining form
Bored by the inattention
My audience didn't applaud loud enough.
I exit stage left.

What is a friday? I am not familiar with the concept.
Can't you see it in my eyes?
When you're standing so close, how can you mistake it?
The finale is over and done with, everyone is going home.
Why don't you?
Standing there with nothing to do
I can think of four things
But, my blood sugar dropped too low
I've just fainted
I'm hovering over your dormant form
I could have dragged you in, and mentioned your name
I didn't and I wouldn't
In my own strange way, I'll always be true to you
Can you blame me?
Sunday Morning, the rest isn't important

Games, the outcome is rarely in my favor.
When all is said and done it's me I love.
Things have been bad, but now we're going on nineteen years
Why would I ruin it now?
Whatever happens, I love you.

Yet another fine example of my exceedingly odd sense of humor...
There's more to life than books, but not much more, not much more.
Excuse my overblown blog.
I hope I am coming off as either pompous or abstruse, seeing as this was my intent.
It's like I've been hanging around with Dr. Faustus or something....
Thanks Christopher Marlowe.

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  1. I feel like that girl in the picture.
    I like your concept of the week. I wish mine were as glamorous. ;)