Saturday, May 2, 2009

Goodbye Ink and Paper Vingt et Un

Truman Capote, you are gone but not forgotten. I read Breakfast at Tiffany's when I was thirteen or fourteen. I saw the movie shortly after that. The movie is an exception to my usual feelings about books turned into movies, in that I prefer it to the novella. I believe that it has a little something to do with casting and Old Hollywood magic.

The novella Breakfast at Tiffany's is supposedly either about Dorian Leigh, or Marilyn Monroe.Capote had sought out Miss Monroe to play Holly Golightly, this would have been a tragedy,and I am thankful he couldn't get her to do it. Fate stepped in taking the form of a sprightly and ever jovial actress.

There is only one woman who could ever be Holly. Her name is Audrey, and I adore her.She played the part well; flawlessly understanding that Holly Golightly makes a holiday of life, but she treads through it lightly. Holly hides her true self behind a glamorous facade, it comes out when she is sleeping, and when she has drank a tad bit too much. Holly expieriences "the mean reds" which she describes as worse than the blues and can only be cured by "hopping in a cab and going to Tiffany's." Miss Golightly is so wrapped up in the little world she carved out for herself that she ignores the past and the future. She lives entirely in the moment. She savors attention and being a "real phony, honestly believing in all the phony stuff she believes." It catches up with her quickly, and painfully. When the feelings she holds enclosed in her heart surface the result is a dramatic tear covered scene. There is only one person who remotely understands her. His name is Paul Varjak, they meet early one morning, on the staircase outside her doorstep. They become friends quickly. They spend days running around exploring the city like little children. They take turns doing something each of them has never done before. She takes him to Tiffany's. He takes her to the library. They form a tight emotional bond. She lets him look through the keyhole in the door to her world. As much as he wants to save her from herself and be let allowed to view the person underneath he knows he can't. She has to come to some realizations on her own first. It is a powerful work that touches on relationships, self discovery, and the imaginary worlds flighty girls foolishly build.

This is my favorite song. It has held that position for several years. It was composed specifically for the film. Thank you Mr. Mancini.
Wider than a mile
I'll be crossing you in style someday
Oh, Dreammaker you heartbreaker
Wherever you're going
I'm going your way
Two drifters off to see the world
I'm not so sure the world deserves us
We're after the same rainbow's end
How come it's just around the bend ?
It's always just around the bend.

Deja Vous. If you know what I mean, I highly doubt that you do. It may be that Miss Golightly is ever so slightly unbalanced, but someone still carries her home.

Constant Make Believe: This isn't about you...or anything. I mean...I wouldn't do that...or anything.


  1. I adore that movie and definitely agree it was much better than the novella. It would have been awful if Marilyn had played Holly. Audrey brought that character to life.

  2. I wonder how hard it is to carry a girl like that? I wouldn't think it would be very comfortable, yet Audrey looks pretty content. Interesting.

  3. I would really like to see that movie. Seems like every time I have the opportunity, something or someone comes along to distract me, and I lose my chance.

  4. It's a landmark film; a truly grand cinematic achievement, it almost makes a person want to live it for a while.
    Some masterpieces can do that.

    I'm a leo!

  5. Aww make him watch it, Kerrie. I'm shocked you haven't already! Hehe. ;)

  6. Oh and I guess your boyfriend didn't approve of my blog. LOL

  7. About that...
    I did...
    There are so many hidden meanings and jokes, breeding all sorts of confusion!