Sunday, April 11, 2010

Leo- The Tigress. Holy Dances.

"Sorry I cannot hear you... I'm kinda busy.
I don't wanna think anymore."

Directions. The pull.
The threshold. Power-power trips, I'm under your control in every sense. What should I do? why how? What should I do if........................
What should I do if.........
And what if ____ should happen......?
Like a lost puppy, I wander from here, picking up on all sorts of concealed scents.
Evidence. Evidence, Evidence, evidence, so obvious and deceiving. Seemingly negative, oh it was... it was very filling.
" I'm not taking any calls cause I'll be dancing."
What if I.... what should I then proceed to do?
I can do nothing without consultation. Helpless fool.
Am I given the direction I seek? (I'm not telling[no{you suck}].)
"Hello, hello, I cannot hear a thing."

1 comment:

  1. I love that song. And I knew you secretly did too. Even though you made fun of it the other day. Hahaha! ;)