Sunday, November 29, 2009

In The Night- The Absence of Breathing

What do a paddy wagon, a police car, and an ambulance all have in common?


Actual physical fights aren't as glamourous as they look in movies, faces get all swollen, and look funny the next day.2

It is the hunter’s honour that he
Protects and preserves his game,
Hunts sportsmanlike, honours the
Creator in His creatures. 1&2 mostly 2 last night


Deer blood doesn't digest very easily.2

I'm lucky.2

Luck has nothing to do with it.2


It is also commonly used in small quantities around the home as an insect trap because flies and wasps are drawn to it...2

I have been thinking with my final brain cell, how time traps you sliding in it's spell.2

"I'm sorry not for what I've done, but for the reaction of others."1

Stupid stuff.1&2

Consideration for the feelings of others.1

Consideration for your body, it's a temple, don't defile it.2

Happier elsewhere, obviously.1

This is all over the place.

Decisions. Decisions.

I know that this post may be a bit confusing... almost to the point where you could become "sick of it".... Sickened by it.

If someone stops breathing....rubbing mentholatum on their chest doesn't really help, and then they walk around the next day smelling like it. Reeking of it.

Oh, no, it's half past eleven, and it makes good sense things are fine in the beginning. I can't remember a worse time, but I swear I've changed so much since then. Oh, no, it's already daybreak. And there are so many things contained in this world that are truly repulsive to me, but only things that hurt me intentionally. I don't want to see it, especially not in this light, so I squint my eyes under someone else's giant sunglasses for the remainder of the day, set out to kill everybody's joy, with everything to lose. Take a breathe, push the pain away, nothing lasts, it's better that way.


  1. Your body has been designed to be God's temple. That's not automatic, though. You can use it other ways. You have a spirit too, to cry out to Him, to meet with Him, to worship Him. He's waiting for you to come to Him. He waits on high to have compassion on you. Read about it in Isaiah 30. John 10 also tells about His desire for you.

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  3. What a handful... of nothing but filth. Thank you. Everyone for making the wrong decisions. Nothing is settled. Every mistake a person makes taunts, digs further, Nothing is ever done until it's dead. Kill, kill lies all.