Monday, April 27, 2009

Goodbye Ink and Paper Dix-Sept

Someone kindly told me that I wasted all of my good lives.
I tell them "only if you take them out of context".
What is it that you value most?

Things I value:



A good night's sleep.


Being une jeune femme. (Young enough to enjoy the moment, old enough to enjoy the moment).

Moments, not minutes.

Reading poetry and essays at five in the morning simply for the novelty of it.

Easter eggs.
Swimming in mud.

Still being awake.

The thing I value most:
Myself, with honesty at a close second.

I went to Birdies on 18th st on saturday, I purchased an Anika Brazil swimsuit. Some people spend less on rent, C'est la vie. The intricate beadwork is a study tool, so I count it as a school expense. I used to want to design swimsuits, even an expierienced seamstress makes forty-one and has to throw away forty. I bought one. I was ready, it is time. I must practice my prancing. Water will never touch it!
Which of these two pools do I choose?
I am also done with 7 pages of a short novella...not alot, but a novella is short only 83 more to go...It will have a very abrupt and violent ending...It is actually an autobiography.

On that note, Goodbye Pixels and and Readers Dix-Sept.

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